The Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute’s diamond and gemstone appraisals/grading reports offer assurance to the pawnbroker and consumer alike

The jewelry market is crowded with grading laboratories focused exclusively on jewelry stores and frequently offering diamond or gem identification information only. There is only one laboratory – The Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute that is focused on the certification and identification needs of pawnbrokers. Frequently pawnbrokers take in a piece of jewelry and do not have the instrumentation or adequate training to correctly identify gemstones as natural or synthetic. This is especially true for diamonds, where sophisticated instrumentation is required to determine if a diamond is synthetic or treated through a high temperature high-pressure process.

JAGi is the only laboratory focused on the pawnbroker that maintains GIA standards and training. All diamond graders/appraisers are Graduate Gemologists. In addition, JAGi has the sophisticated equipment to determine if a diamond is natural and synthetic as well as the latest technology for grading cut and assessing value.

This service is critical for both the customer and the pawnbroker for jewelry that is sold in-store and online. Without this documentation, ascertaining the true value and identification of the diamonds and gemstones is extraordinarily difficult. JAGi is dedicated to educating the pawnbroker industry and bringing their knowledge and skills to the market. All grading information is available with an appraisal, which complements and completes each document, making jewelry not only ready for sale, but giving the consumer confidence to buy.

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