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JAGi Lab’s eCommerce Tips to Increase Online Sales and Boost Profits

Maybe you’re an eCommerce expert already, or perhaps you’re preparing your first few posts on your shop’s brand-new online storefront. Either way, we’re sure your business has realized the potential of eCommerce sales to boost sales and increase profits, especially in tough times like these. In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, a strong online presence … Continue reading

May 5, 2020 Industry News

The JEWELRY APPRAISAL AND GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Now Offering Services to Jewelry Retailers and Manufacturers

Lab expands to provide professional grading reports, appraisals, and education to the entire jewelry and pawnbroker industries. The Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute (JAGi) has announced an expansion of their services to the entire retail jewelry industry. The JAGi CardCert report offers an independent, third-party diamond grade and appraisal that is critical for jewelry stores seeking … Continue reading

November 7, 2019 Industry News

Our Process

Upon arrival in our laboratory each piece of jewelry is carefully counted, photographed, and checked for repairs. This information is then entered into our custom designed website, Which creates a visual record of everything we receive, as soon as we receive it. Upon completion of this intake process, a status update is both emailed, … Continue reading

December 14, 2018 Standard Posts