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Do you have parcels of diamonds from jewelry you’ve melted just sitting around your store?

JAGi Lab's Diamond Melee Sorting Services

The Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute of San Diego, California can help you turn your diamond melee into CASH! JAGi Lab’s GIA-certified gemologists can help you get top dollar for your melee by expertly sorting your diamonds by size and then into categories based on color and apparent clarity. 

JAGi lab uses standard 42-plate diamond sieve sets to sort diamonds first by size, ranging from 4.5 mm (0.34ct) to 1.25 mm (0.009ct). Stones with a diameter below 1.25 mm are grouped together as mixed melee. After separating by size, we’ll begin the process of sorting and matching. 

Round brilliant cut diamonds are sorted into categories based on appearance: white (H+, I1+), light (H-N, I1+), and dark (<N, I2,I3).

Though we do not sort fancy and non-standard cut diamonds by size and color, we will separate princess cut diamonds, baguette cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, and other fancy cut diamonds from your round brilliant melee and group them with other stones of the same cut.

Lastly, our GIA-certified gemologists will go through your diamond melee and sort out cubic zirconia, white sapphire, zircon, and other common diamond simulants. Our gemologists have the extensive experience and training required to recognize the subtle differences between authentic diamond and non-diamond material. We’ll securely package and insure your melee before shipping it back to you, neatly sorted and labeled.

Ensure complete customer satisfaction and premium quality parcels of pre-sorted diamond melee by sending your stones to JAGi Lab before making the sale.

Don’t have a trade show, convention, or buyer lined up already, but still want to turn diamond melee sitting around your store into cash? 

JAGi Lab can help you sell diamond melee! We have extensive industry contacts, including jewelers, manufacturers, diamond dealers, and more who are always looking to buy parcels of diamond melee. Give the lab a call at 619-269-6729 to be connected with a gemologist who will be happy to advise you on gemstone, diamond, and jewelry-related topics.

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