Diamond Melee Concierge Service

01 Overview

After we've sorted your diamond melee, we'll offer your parcels for sale to our network of diamond dealers and industry contacts. You can accept bids you like, and reject bids you don't- we'll take care of everything else, from receiving payment to packaging and shipping.

02 Details

JAGi Lab uses standard 42-plate diamond sieve sets to sort diamonds first by size, ranging from 4.5 mm (0.34ct) to 1.25 mm (0.009ct). Stones with a diameter below 1.25 mm are grouped together as mixed melee. After separating by size, we’ll begin the process of sorting and matching.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are sorted into categories based on appearance: white (H+, I1+), light (H-N, I1+), and dark (<N, I2,I3).

Now that we’ve sorted all your diamond melee according to size, color, and clarity, we’ll offer your parcels to our network of diamond dealers and industry contacts. You may accept or reject offers. Once you’ve received an offer you like, all you have to do is accept. When the payment has been received, we’ll package and ship your diamonds, then cut you a check for the sale price less our modest 5% broker fee.

This service is available only as an add-on to our diamond melee sorting service.


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