Moris Adato

Moris was born in Turkey, a country that is known for its beautiful diamonds, and moved to the US as a child. He is a third-generation pawnbroker, who started working at his dad’s chain of pawn shops in San Diego as a 16-year-old. Being surrounded by diamonds, gold jewelry and gemstones made him deeply curious about their nature, so he decided to pursue a career in gemology. He later graduated from the GIA school, and moved on to establish his own pawnshops in San Diego. Seeing the need for fast, reliable and affordable authentication, appraisal and certification service for pawnshops, he attracted top gemologist in his area and created Cal Gem Labs, which later became the Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute (JAGi).

“In my store and personal dealings, I have seen a consistent increase of 15-20% in margins when the items have been previously appraised by JAGI Labs. An appraisal ID card builds the trust of my customers and protects me from rapacious jewelry buyers. Customers love to receive the card along with their jewelry purchases, as they know it backs up the value of their items. And it has helped my sales associates leverage better negotiations.”