Cal Gem Labs Becomes Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute

Lab Expands to Provide Professional Appraisals, Reports, and Education to the Entire Pawnbroker Industry


Sept 20th, 2018, San Diego, CA- In its mission to increase pawnbroker profitability and integrity, Cal Gem Labs has officially changed its name to the Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute.

Founded over two years ago in response to the need for a professional grading and appraisal serving the pawnbroker industry, the JAGi has grown into a nationwide organization.

Pawnbrokers frequently find themselves with valuable jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones, but lack the tools to properly appraise, value and certify their authenticity. Often these jewelry items and gemstones are sold at a fraction of their real value.

The JAGi offers appraisals, grading certificates and other services. All grading and appraisals are performed by GIA graduate gemologists who adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Along with jewelry gemstone, diamond appraisals, and certificates, JAGi has a menu of other services including parcel sorting, cleaning, repair, and sales platforms. JAGi also offers a Rolex certification service.

According to Moris Adato, founder and Chief Executive Officer “The JAGi is responding to an important need from the pawnbroker for an ethical authority that enable them to achieve maximum value and increased profits from all jewelry, diamond and gemstone sales of their inventory”.

Stan Lukowicz, the owner of Loyalty Pawn in Sacramento, California states “JAGi has turned around my jewelry business and made it an important profit center. Before JAGi I would sell my jewelry for less than market value, not achieving its true profit potential. With JAGi’s appraisal cards and reports, I can achieve real market value both in-store and online selling platforms. JAGi’s CardCerts allow us to sell jewelry with confidence knowing they are backed by a lab certifying their authenticity and value.”

About JAGi

The Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute provides a full range of expanding services including CardCerts, appraisals, insurance evaluation, diamond reports, and other services. JAGi was founded over two years ago by Moris Adato, Graduate Gemologist, and successful pawnbroker. Moris understood there is a vast amount of unrealized wealth, sales and profits for every pawnbroker in the gemstone and jewelry inventory. However, there was no ethical and verifiable authority to create credentials critical to the sale of items both in-store and online. With today’s jewelry sales demanding certification and appraisal from an ethical source especially online, Moris founded Cal Gem Labs to service pawnbroker needs. With the expansion of the lab-grown diamond market and other simulated and synthetic gemstones, the need for a certified report has never been more urgent. JAGi is fast becoming a full-service laboratory adhering to GIA standards and utilizing the latest measurement and detection technology. All jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds are examined, graded and appraised by GIA Graduate Gemologists.

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For more information please contact:

Sharon Rapoport at JAGi: (619) 269-67-37

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