Appraisals · Terms & Conditions
Reports are provided at the request of the customer and are for said customer’s exclusive use.

The item(s) have been examined under 10x magnification, tested and graded using equipment, techniques and instruments available to JAGI at time of the examination.

The appraisal of jewelry and the grading of carat weight, color and other specifics of diamonds and gems are approximations due to the limitations and subjective nature of appraising and grading diamonds, gems and jewelry. Carat weights of diamonds and gemstones mounted in jewelry are calculated by formula unless otherwise noted. Grading color and clarity is subject to limitations of grading stone while set in mounting. Prongs and other setting types, metal color, and other features of the jewelry piece the stone is set in may obscure or make difficult to observe certain details of the stone, or make it impossible to perform certain tests on the stone that are required for correct identification and grading.

Stones are appraised under the assumption that all industry standard treatments have been applied to the stone, unless otherwise noted. These standard treatments are not required to be disclosed, and stones should be assumed to have undergone standard treatments unless otherwise noted. This includes heat treatment in quartz, topaz, and corundum, as well as fracture-filling in emerald.

Any appraisal information is based on the current market information and does not reflect any past or future value. This report is to be used for the following two purposes: (1) providing gemological information and (2) indicating an estimated replacement value – for insurance coverage or sale.

The estimated retail replacement value approximates the cost of an item if it were to be sold new to an average consumer in a typical retail jewelry setting, or the value required to replace the appraised item(s) with new and/or similar items of the same kind and quality. This appraisal method takes into consideration wear and defects. Suggested values may be higher than actual retail sale prices.

JAGI, and its, officers, directors, employees and agents are not liable to you or any third party for any loss, damage or expense resulting from any negligence, act or omission arising from or related to the preparation, issuance and use of any Report prepared by JAGI. There are no guarantees and no express or implied warranties of any kind associated with any JAGI report.

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