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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi everyone, my name is Jackie and I’m a gemologist here at JAGi Lab. I’m here to walk you through the process of registering for an account and filling out our digital order form.

You’re going to love our app. It’s got a lot of really useful features to help you create an order, keep tabs on your order, and keep in contact with the gemologists.

The first step is creating an account. Navigate to and click “Order Form”, in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Click “register” and enter your information.

Be sure to include your current, correct business address! This is where we’ll send your finished order. You should also be sure to enter your mobile number. This will allow you to communicate with the lab via text.

Now that we’ve registered, let me show you around the app. The most important function is here- “create new order”

While our gemologists can create an order for you once your package arrives at the lab, it’s actually to your advantage to fill our your own order form.

When you fill out your own order form, you’re simplifying the process for our gemologists, which ensures a speedy turnaround time for your order because we can get started appraising your jewelry right away.

Filling out the order form in the app gives you the opportunity to provide information you may want our gemologists to have as they appraise your jewelry- for example, if you know the exact carat weights or gemstones in your piece, you can include it here. But let me show you- let’s add our first item.

The first step is to select the desired service for your jewelry piece. Our most popular service is the CardCert jewelry appraisal.

First, provide a basic and brief description of your item. Let’s say you’re sending us an 18k white gold and diamond wedding band stamped Tiffany. 
“18K WG Tiffany band with princess cut diamonds”

If you want your store inventory number on your CardCert, you can add that here as well.

Next you’ll upload a photo- it doesn’t have to be professional quality, snapping a photo with your phone camera works fine.

Finally, you can see your uploaded photo and enter repair instructions or add additional comments. If your ring is missing one of the side stones, for example, and you’d like us to provide the diamond and the labor to replace it, you can make that note here, and we’ll call you to discuss pricing.

Once you save your item, you have three options: View Item, View Order, and Add New Item. I’m going to click on view item to show you how to add additional services on your jewelry item.

So, let’s say you’re not sure that this ring is really Tiffany and you want us to authenticate the piece as well as appraise it. You might add on the “Designer Authentication” service. If you want to sell it online and need professional quality photos of the item, you could select “Web-Ready Photos”. We’re happy to accommodate special requests as well, so if you don’t see the service you need here, just give the lab a call and we’ll figure it out.

Here are our new services we’ve added on, the cost for each, and the new total for the item. After your order is complete, we’ll upload a PDF of your appraisal report here.

The next piece is a 1ct solitaire diamond ring. It comes with a GIA report and you’d like us to include that information in our appraisal. If you’ll give us the GIA report number, we can look it up and be able to access that information.

You’ll upload a photo, add any comments, and save the item.

Great! So you can continue to add as many pieces as you like, but for the sake of a quick tutorial, let’s just say that’s it. You can view your order to double check everything, and if it all looks good, we ask that you please print your completed order form and include it with your package. You can enter a tracking number here so we’re aware of when to expect your package, and we’ll notify you via text with we’ve received it. You’ll also get text notifications when your order is complete and your invoice is ready to pay, and you’ll actually just see “Pay” at the top of the screen as an option here. After we see that your invoice has been paid in full, we’ll ship your items back to you via FedEx 2-Day shipping.

If you have any questions or the app’s giving you any trouble, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist. The number to the lab is 619-269-6729 and we’re here Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 530 PM. We look forward to receiving your order!

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