How To Use Your CardCert

Looking at your JAGi Lab CardCert, but unsure of what everything means? What is Retail Replacement Value? How did we get that number? Here’s a breakdown of all the information contained within your CardCert, so you and your staff can take full advantage of the excellent sales tool you now have at your disposal:


The Gemological Institue of America (GIA) is the creator of the industry standard grading scales for diamonds and colored stones. The signature of a GIA Graduate Gemologist (“GG”) on the CardCert tells your customer the appraisal comes from a qualified, reputable third party who has completed GIA’s rigorous GG training program.

Report Number:

Your customer can verify the report on our site by entering the report number on our “Certification Seach” page.

Store Inventory Number:

For your convenience, we can include your store inventory number on the card.

Grading Info:

Due to the card’s size, we can include detailed grading info (measurements, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut) on two stones or groups of stones.

Also Set:

If there are additional stones in the piece, they are summarized at the bottom under “Also Set”.


Notes might include details like stone treatment, if carat weight is exact or calculated, or other relevant info. If you have the exact carat weight of stones in a piece, either through weighing them yourself or from the manufacturer, please write it on the bag so we can include it in your appraisal! Otherwise, stones are measured and we use standard formula to calculate carat weights.

Retail Replacement Value:

Retail Replacement Value represents what a similar jewelry piece would sell for new in a typical jewelry store. RRR is calculated by marking up the value of the precious metals, stones & labor used to create the item. The sticker you see on your JAGi Baggie tells you the markup rate we used to arrive at that number.

We suggest selling your jewelry at a discount from the Retail Replacement Value you see on the card. Your customer will better understand and feel confident in the value of their purchase- and the great deal they got on it by shopping with you!

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