JAGi Lab Jewelry Rehab

JAGi Lab Can Overhaul, Repair & Refurbish Your Jewelry Inventory In-House

Your One Stop Jewelry Appraisal & Inventory Rehab Service

JAGi Lab can facilitate jewelry repair & overhaul in-house- think of us as your one stop jewelry rehab resource.

Jewelry Rehab Services – Wholesale Prices on Repairs, Cleaning, Stone Setting & More:

Clean  – $3

Ultrasonic, and steam cleaning of jewelry, required for overly distressed pieces prior to assessment.

Refurbish – $15

Ultrasonic, steam cleaning, and polishing of jewelry. Strongly suggested for overly worn pieces prior to photography. This service can only be performed on yellow gold and platinum pieces. Any white gold jewelry pieces will require our Rhodium service instead, which includes polishing and cleaning.

Rhodium Plating – $50

Restores white gold jewelry to like new condition, or transforms out of style gold jewelry to a more contemporary look. This service included polishing and cleaning.

Retip Prongs – $10 first, $7 each after

Over time, prongs holding stones in place can be worn down, which makes the setting less secure and increases risk of losing stones. 

Replace Prongs – $25 first, $20 each after

Sometimes entire prongs are missing from a piece, whether due to normal wear or work done on the piece- this is a durability issue. Stones in settings missing prongs are not secure and could be easily lost. 

Split – $20

Split wedding sets or other sets of rings that have been soldered together. We always recommend sets be separated so rings may be sold together as a set or individually if desired, especially if the pieces do not match or are poorly soldered together. 

Sizing – $TBD

Size rings up or down to your specified size – price based on amount your desired size differs from original size.

Soldering – $TBD

Soldering to repair metal- can include replacing findings, repairing broken chains, repairing cracked shanks, etc. Price based on complexity of job.

Tighten Stones – Round $5, cuts with points $10

Tighten stones that are loose in their settings to ensure they remain securely set.

Stone Unmounting – $40/ct

Careful removal of diamonds from their mountings to allow for more accurate assessment of the clarity, color, cut/polish grade, and weight. Price based on weight of stone.

Stone Setting/Remounting – $40/ct

Setting stones or remounting them after they have been removed from a jewelry piece. 

Diamond Melee Replacement – $TBD

Identify missing stones in jewelry pieces and provide matching stones plus labor to replace them. Price based on stones size, quality, and labor required.

Laser Welding – $TBD

Some jobs require laser welding rather than soldering. Price TBD based on complexity of job.

Recut Assessment – $10

Advanced laser scan of loose diamonds to determine how to recut to achieve optimal or desired cut grades. Includes estimation of carat weight loss.

Recut Services – $TBD

JAGi Lab cannot recut diamonds or gemstones in house, but we can refer to our extensive network of industry contacts to get your desired work done. 

Finding/Accessory Replacement – $TBD

Provide & facilitate replacement of clasps, jump rings, earring backs, etc.

Custom Work – $TBD

JAGi Lab can create new pieces or modify items to your specifications in-house. Price TBD based on complexity or job and cost of parts/materials. Call to discuss.

Watch Polishing – $50 Stainless, $75 Two-Tone, $100 Gold

Clean & polish watches to remove scratches or blemishes. Price based on material of watch.

Watch Battery Replacement – $10 Swiss Movement Watches, $5 Other/Japanese

Provide & replace watch batteries. 

Watch Service/Repair – $TBD

JAGi Lab can facilitate almost any watch repair. If it can’t be done in-house, we will refer to our extensive network of industry contacts to make it happen for you.

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