JAGi Lab’s eCommerce Tips to Increase Online Sales and Boost Profits

Maybe you’re an eCommerce expert already, or perhaps you’re preparing your first few posts on your shop’s brand-new online storefront. Either way, we’re sure your business has realized the potential of eCommerce sales to boost sales and increase profits, especially in tough times like these.

In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, a strong online presence is absolutely essential for jewelers, jewelry stores, secondhand dealers, and pawn shops.

1. Get a JAGi Lab CardCert appraisal on your jewelry pieces

Selling your items online with a CardCert Appraisal from a third-party lab can boost your sales and increase your profits. All the services in our lab are performed by GIA certified gemologists who know how to evaluate jewelry pieces, diamonds and gemstones using industry-standard systems to evaluate gemstone quality. CardCerts come with a high-quality professional photo of the piece, states whether the stones are natural or synthetic and if they have undergone any treatments to improve appearance. It will list the total carat weight of all stones in the piece, the metal content, and provide a retail replacement value so your customers know exactly what they are buying and can be confident in its value.

2. Get your jewelry photo-ready

JAGi Lab Repairs & Cleans Jewelry

When selling pre-owned jewelry, it is important that it make the best appearance possible. Clean your jewelry to eliminate the dirt and grime that collects under stones and on metal. Take the time to polish away blemishes. Rhodium plate white gold so the color appears shiny, even, and clean throughout the piece. Replace missing stones. Customers may not have the ability to make these repairs or clean items themselves, and dirty diamonds often appear as if they have more color and less clarity. Not only are clean pieces more appealing, they make less work for YOU in terms of describing the condition of the piece and eliminate potential problems and misunderstandings with buyers.

JAGi Lab is proud to offer cost-effective jewelry cleaning and repair services to our customers. Our in-house jeweler can clean, polish, rhodium, set stones, repair prongs, and solder your pieces- call the lab to inquire about our jewelry cleaning and repair services. If you’re a JAGi App veteran, you can add them from our services menu to individual pieces on your next order.

3. Take great photos

Great photos are essential to selling jewelry online.

Does it seem like buyers are scrolling right past your listings without a second glance? Bad product photography may be the culprit. Your listing should feature multiple photos of the jewelry piece from all sides against a blank, uncluttered background that puts the focus on the jewelry. Check out the Shopify blog to read about common jewelry photography mistakes– and find out how to avoid them.

Not much of a photographer? JAGi Lab uses a DSLR camera, lightbox, and professional photo editing software to create high-quality, web ready photos of your jewelry. Ask about adding our Web-Ready Photo service to your appraisals.

4. Provide all relevant information

Missing information from your product description can discourage buyers. Be sure to accurately describe everything: what stones appear in the jewelry piece, whether they are natural or synthetic, any treatments that they may have undergone, carat weights, metal content, and weight. JAGi Lab CardCerts make sure you have all relevant information about your inventory at your fingertips, so you’ll be able to provide all the essentials in your product listing, as well as answer questions or inquiries from potential buyers.

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