JAGi & PHP – December Digital Microscope Giveaway
Enter for a chance to WIN a digital microscope from JAGi Lan!
Enter to WIN this digital microscope from JAGi Lab and Pawnbrokers Helping Pawnbrokers!

JAGi Lab and Pawnbrokers Helping Pawnbrokers are giving away a digital microscope!

Perfect for:

  • Repair intake photos
  • Close-up photos of loose gemstones and diamonds
  • Photos of loose gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry pieces for sale
  • Photos of stones for recut evaluations

All you need to do to enter our digital microscope giveaway is:

*By submitting my information to win a microscope, I am consenting to being a) contacted by e-mail should my entry be selected as a winner in the microscope raffle, and b) to receive marketing e-mails from JAGi Lab. We do not release your information to any third parties and you may unsubscribe at any time.
Perfect for intake photos!

Great for closeups for jewelry pieces, stones, etc.
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