Keep Your Certs Current

So your showcase is full of JAGi CardCert Jewelry Appraisals?

Don't sell your jewelry for too little!


But some of them are as old as 2018? Yikes. No worries- JAGi Lab is ready to roll out our CardCert Update service! We’ve priced it at a very reasonable $9.95 for our wholesale customers- but through the month of August, you’ll be able to text, e-mail, or Facebook message us a picture of your CardCert, and we’ll update the appraisal in our system to reflect current stone and metal prices- for FREE.*

*Limit 3 free appraisals per customer. JAGi Lab affiliates will receive up to 5 free appraisal updates. After free updates, appraisal updates are $9.95

Why do I need to update my certs?

Why? Here are the two biggest reasons:

1. Gold, metal, and stone prices fluctuate over time

As we’re sure anyone who deals in jewelry, precious metals or stones already knows, these materials are commodities whose value fluctuates over time. That means if today is July 21, 2020, and you have an appraisal completed on July 21, 2018, the value of your piece could be dramatically different. You might be using an appraisal with prices that are far too high for today’s market- or selling it for far too little.

2. Current appraisals look- and SELL- better

Current jewelry appraisals in your showcase assure savvy customers of the value of their purchase. An appraisal from several years ago? Not so much. It looks much better to sell pieces with recent certifications than ones from several years ago, don’t you agree? Even if the piece HAS been stuck in your showcase for years, we don’t necessarily want to advertise the fact that a piece is considered aging inventory. Good thing we’ve made it so easy to bring your appraisals current!

What are you waiting for?

All you’ll need to do is send us an e-mail or Facebook message with a photo of your CardCert, or shoot us a text via the JAGi App with the report number (located underneath the photo of your jewelry on the Cert and always begins with 0000). We’ll print your new, updated CardCert and mail it to your address on file within one business day. How simple is that? And during the month of August, appraisal updates are FREE. What’s not to love about that? Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to bring the JAGi Lab CardCert jewelry appraisals in your showcase up to date!

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