May’s Birthstone: Emerald

JAGi Lab can appraise your emerald jewelry

The birthstone for May is emerald, a stone as bright, sunny, and green as the month itself.

Though there are many green colored stones, emerald has been valued by mankind since antiquity and commands top dollar at auction.

Emerald is one of the “big three” colored stones in the gem and jewelry industry, along with sapphire and ruby. At their highest levels of quality, the “big three” are the rarest and most valuable colored stones.

Many pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, gold buyers, and jewelers may have valuable natural emeralds within their jewelry inventory.

There’s an enormous amount of value hidden within your jewelry inventory- JAGi Lab is here to help you maximize that value and turn it into profits for your business. We can help you identify emeralds and price them appropriately for sale in your pawn shop or jewelry store. Selling jewelry pieces with a CardCert appraisal helps you to know exactly what you have in your inventory- as well as inspiring customer confidence in their purchase by letting them know exactly what they are buying.

JAGi Lab is staffed by GIA-certified gemologists trained in and experienced with identifying emerald, synthetic emerald, and emerald imitations. We are qualified to determine quality of emeralds based on factors including color, cut, clarity, carat weight, presence or absence of treatments, and more.

Contact us to get started on appraising your emerald jewelry today! Do you have loose gemstones you’d like appraisals on, or parcels of stones that need to be identified and sorted? We can help! Click here for a full list of services JAGi Lab offers.

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