Our Process

  1. Package Your Items
  2. Input Your Order (click here for a video walkthrough!)
  3. Ship to JAGi Lab
  4. Receipt & Take-In
  5. Repairs
  6. Appraisals
  7. Photgraphy
  8. CardCert

Jewelry appraisals, including CardCerts with and without retail replacement value, full jewelry appraisals, and loose stone and watch ID cards, may be subject to additional charges based on the complexity of the item and scope of work required to complete the appraisal. Types of items that may incur additional charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Items with more than three types of stones
  • items with many stones in many different sizes
  • items that require significant additional research 
  • items that have unusual cut shapes that require the use of formulas to calculate estimated carat weights manually

JAGi Lab reserves the right to add additional charges for excessive time and labor spent identifying, measuring, calculating and researching items and the materials/stones they contain. JAGi Lab reserves the right to refuse service on certain items. Reasons JAGi Lab may refuse service include, but are not limited to:

  • Limitations of evaluating a piece based on settings or other features which severely impede our ability to make identifications, calculate weights, or evaluate quality (closed back settings, etc)
  • Item’s value lies within its age/historical value/supposed origin or provenance, rather than the value of the precious stones and metals it contains
  • Item cannot be properly researched
  • Item is in poor condition

JAGi Lab reserves the right to assess a cleaning fee of $3.00 per item which arrives at our lab if it is not clean enough to accurately assess characteristics of the stone. Any other repairs require express permission of the client.

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