JAGi Lab Offering FREE Courier Services in San Diego County

Is your pawn shop, jewelry store, jewelry studio, estate buying business, secondhand jewelry or gemstone business, or gold buying business located in San Diego County?

How to Use JAGi Lab’s Convenient Courier Service

JAGi Lab wants to help you do more business during these difficult times. Trust us, we understand how expensive shipping and insurance fees can get. To keep more money in YOUR pocket, JAGi Lab is offering free courier services to our neighbors in San Diego County! Orders that include 20 pieces or more are eligible for completely free pick-up and drop off service. No third-party involvement. No worrying about your package and checking the tracking number to make sure it’s safely on its way. You can hand your package directly to our trustworthy employee, who will transport it directly back to the lab from whatever pick-up location you desire within San Diego county limits. From El Cajon to Carlsbad, JAGi Lab is here for you!

Gemological Lab Services San Diego County California
JAGi Lab can offer order pick-up and drop-off services to businesses located within San Diego County, California.
  1. Please create an itemized packing slip or list of items included with your order before sending them with our courier to the lab. An easy way to do this is to create your order on the JAGi app. If you’ve never used it, create an account here! Creating an account allows you to easily communicate with our gemologists about your order via text, view and download PDF files of completed CardCert appraisals, and view your order invoice.
  2. Take a photo of items you’re including in your package. You can upload photos of individual items in the order if you’d like- JAGi lab will replace them with our own photos of your items to show you we’ve received them and they are in the same condition as when they left your place of business.
  3. Seal your package.
  4. Schedule a pickup time for your order with JAGi Lab- just give us a call at 619-269-6729.
  5. We’ll come to your place of business and pick up the package. No need for labels or to pay costly shipping/insurance fees- we’ll take care of everything.
  6. Immediately upon receipt, we will open your sealed package and follow our take in procedure for items in your order. This includes recording our opening of the package and unveiling items inside, then a closer look at each item to describe it and determine if repairs are recommended.
  7. Our GIA-Certified gemologists will appraise each piece, take a professional photo, and print your CardCerts. The typical turnaround time for a 20 piece order for 20 CardCert appraisals with no repairs is ten business days.
  8. We’ll print your CardCert appraisals, package them securely with your jewelry pieces or loose stones and diamonds, and return a sealed box to you at a predetermined time- whenever works best for you.
JAGi Lab Offers  Free Delivery Service to San Diego County
JAGi Lab’s courier service eliminates the middleman. If you are located in San Diego County, JAGi Lab representative can come to your place of business to pick up orders of 20 pieces or more. We’ll take it straight to our lab to begin appraising, and we’ll bring your jewelry pieces back when your order is complete. No third party, no stops along the way, no costly shipping fees.

Contact JAGi Lab today to inquire about order pick-up and drop-off services if you are located in San Diego County. We’re pleased to offer any assistance we can to our customers in times like these. You stay at home- we’ll take care of the rest!

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